Innovation has been a hallmark of mankind’s evolution. As a continuously evolving organization, Usha Martin has been at forefront to  find innovative solutions for industry-wide problems. This is reflected in the passion of our Research & Development team which works closely with the users and continues to challenge the limits of technical possibilities.

Global Design Centre, Italy

The Global Design Centre at Italy is actively engaged in designing wire rope and testing for the whole group. The activities include


  • New Wire rope designs and improvement in existing designs
  • Application oriented tests
  • Post retirement tests


  • Raw material selection and Process control
  • Manufacturing specifications

Technical Documentation

  • Catalogues and Manuals
  • Product Standards

Application Engineering

  • Customer support for reeving analysis

Technical Assistance

The centre also provides technical assistance in the form of
  • Evaluating customer concept design of new equipment
  • Conducting training for customers about rope properties
  • Managing special tests required by customers
The centre  uses proprietary design software to provide products that are the best in class and acts as a hub for integrating and distributing know-how in various facilities of the company so that the customer always gets a consistent quality of product and technical services from Usha Martin and its group companies. For any further details reach Global Design Centre, Italy at

Usha Martin Italia srl

via Nikolajewka 1 25062 Concesio (BS) Italy Direct: +39 030 2188405 Mobile: +39 3385379230

R&D facilities, Ranchi

Beside the dedicated R&D facility at Italy, Usha Martin also has comprehensive R&D facilities in its manufacturing unit near Ranchi. The R&D infrastructure includes a full-fledged design lab with specialized software for rope design. Location within the manufacturing unit expedites production, testing and analysis of trial products enabling us to come out with new products at a fast pace.

Iron-making Technology Group

In the integrated Iron & Steel plant at Jamshedpur, fundamental R&D activities in iron making are carried out by Iron Technology Group. The Technology group is involved in raw material mix optimization, coal blend optimization, process control, and quality improvement.

“The company has access to a large talent pool from multiple geographies that brings different perspectives to technical challenges. Needless to say, such cross fertilization of minds brings the best in class solutions for users and ensures that our products are designed, developed, and validated to achieve the highest level of performance required by applications.”

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