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People Focus
Identifying the right People
An Assessment will help identify the right people for fast-track growth within existing or new businesses. The firm has also embarked on an exercise that will gracefully retire executives above 60 so that the more dynamic can grow faster. Senior management is committed to right-sizing the corporation, improving compensation levels, and inducting fresh blood - simultaneously. *
* In India, the retirement age of executives is 60 years .
This is in line with most of the Indian Companies, including the Govenment and Public sector. Some Companies assume the employee to know the exact date on which they are suppose to retire and the seperation takes place on that day.
Usha Martin has a policy of "gracefully retiring executives above 58 years (Previously it was 60 yrs)." This sentence may be seen from the view point of Usha Martin Management and its employees in India. By this statement, we mean that 6 months before the official date of retirement, preparation for a smooth transition is ensured, and in some cases, some employees are even taken as retainers for an additional period of one year.
However, since the retirement age in some of our international subsidiaries is 65 years, this particular sentence, valid for Indian employment, has caused some misinterpretation, even though we feel this is applicable for the Indian Company and the under- standing of the Indian employees is the governing factor.
This can be accomplished only through trained people. In other words, we will need to provide global opportunity for growth. New initiatives in people development make it imperative for each individual to identify his development needs - to help the company meet them. The broad needs are
Improve the compensation
Provide job security (for the deserving)
Ensure physical safety on the job
The Matrix System

The matrix system at Usha Martin is a break from the command-driven management style of the past. The benefits of introducing the system include :
Better planning and control in meeting deadlines.
More flexible working structure than the conventional model.
Emphasis on professional competence - marked by a dominance of authority of knowledge rather than of designations.
Greater motivation results since individuals can focus directly on deadlines and output.
Communication within the organisation improves with the abandonment of hierarchies.
Liberates the top management and enables them to take long-term actions.

A well-defined performance management system has been put into place. This has helped define role clarity and building a match between the company's and the individual's goals. As a result, employees are more aware of costs, selling prices and competition. It is individuals, many of whom come in with no experience behind the machines who are driving change.
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